Regional Leadership Conferences

As part of the CDSS mission, we support leadership development across North America. Since 2006, we have co-sponsored conferences in the Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Northwest. The content has been designed in collaboration with regional organizers to provide resources for meeting the unique needs of each region. These exciting events have had far-reaching and long-lasting effects, revitalizing music and dance communities from coast to coast.

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Breaking news! Registrations are now open for the Southwest Regional Organizers Conference (SWROC): Sept 19-21, 2014 in Albuquerque, NM.

Want to help create an event for YOUR region? Contact Linda Henry, CDSS Outreach Manager. Also check out the Make It Happen manual — a guide for planning leadership training events.


Midwest Regional ConferenceDancing Between the Lines:
A Conference
for Midwest
Dance Callers and Organizers

Cincinnati, Ohio
August 10-22, 2012

35 participants
Sessions for dance organizers
and callers


Northeast Regional ConferencePuttin’ On the Dance: A Conference
for Northeast Dance Organizers

White River Junction, Vermont
November 11-13, 2011

78 participants
sessions for dance organizers
and sound operators

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Southeast Regional ConferenceDance the Journey: Southeast Dance
Leadership Conference

Browns Summit, NC (near Greensboro)
October 1-3, 2010

82 participants
Sessions for dance organizers
and sound operators


Northwest Regional ConferenceWest Coast Leadership Conference
Portland, Oregon
September 15-17, 2006

77 participants
Sessions for dance organizers,
callers, musicians, and sound operators