CDSS Centennial - Community 100

Save the Date!

In 2015 the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) will celebrate 100 years of supporting traditional dance, music, and song with roots in English and North American culture. In honor of our Centennial, CDSS will be releasing new publications, organizing a coast-to-coast North American tour with stops in seven communities, and creating a website where the celebration will be visible and shared by all. This is our invitation to you to join the party throughout 2015.

CDSS has grown and thrived for a century because communities like yours keep our beloved traditions alive. By honoring our past, celebrating our present, and visualizing our future, together, we will broaden our reach as we kick off our next 100 years.

We're imagining this Centennial year as an opportunity to honor community heroes and collect our joint histories, to celebrate the best of what you do - your song circles, fiddle sessions, dance parties, contra proms, family gatherings, and May Day mornings - and to visualize a future where more people than ever share the joy of our participatory arts.

How can you take part?

Taking part in the CDSS Centennial will be easy! Our goal is to raise the visibility of traditional dance, music, and song and to affirm that these participatory arts change lives. So:

  • Do the things you love -your annual dance weekend; your regular dance series; the local ale; your local dance fund raiser for your food bank; your Jane Austen book club dance; a singing/story swap - and we'll share your events on the Centennial website;
  • Locate your community stories and storytellers and we'll add their voices to the CDSS Story Project, a growing collection of stories documenting our traditions and the people who love them;
  • Document your history - create and add your community history to the CDSS Community Timeline.

 All this will come together on our Centennial Website, where you will find:

  • publicity and promotional tools (press release templates, Centennial logos, and other tips);
  • a community calendar and map so people can find your events;
  • a celebration hub where the audio, video, and photos of the "sights and sounds" of the Centennial can be shared as they happen in your hometown and across North America.

What can you do now?

Start thinking about how you want to celebrate. Share your ideas with us at We'll be back in touch as the Centennial website continues to take shape. Stay tuned for more ideas for celebrating the CDSS Centennial and our traditional arts - with us and with the world.

Spread the Joy!

You can support our Centennial fundraising campaign, Spread the Joy!, by making a gift today. Join us as we leap forward into the next 100 years!