Committees & Task Groups

The Board has a number of committees and task groups to help them with their work. They are comprised of board and staff members and other members of CDSS. Correspondence for the committees and task groups may be sent to



Mary Devlin (Chair), Jan Elliott, Gaye Fifer, Sharon Green, Tom Kruskal, Linda Lieberman, Rima Dael (ex officio), David Millstone (ex officio)


David Millstone (President), Jenny Beer (Vice President), David Chandler (Secretary), Linda Maguire (Treasurer), 
plus at-large board members: Lynn Ackerson, Jill Allen, Gaye Fifer, Carol Marsh, Pat Petersen, David Smukler


Linda Maguire (Chair), Bill Cronin, Gerry Mandel, Carol Marsh, David Means, Joanna Reiner, Stephen Stiebel, Rima Dael (Finance only, ex officio), David Millstone (ex officio)


David Chandler (Chair), Jenny Beer, Brian Gallagher, Rob Harper, David Means, David Millstone (ex officio), Rima Dael (ex officio)


Bev Bernbaum (Chair), Brian Gallagher, Adina Gordon, David Macemon, Chloe Maher


David Chandler (Chair), Nancy Boyd, David Smukler, David Millstone (ex officio)

Pinewoods Camp — CDSS Representatives

Warren Anderson (President), Jackie Algon, Ralph Canapa, Jan Elliott, J. Roger Goldin, Arthur Munisteri, Sarah Pilzer, Joanna Reiner, Natty Smith, Gene Murrow

Task Groups

These are new Task Groups, still being organized and in the process of adding community members. This list will be updated over the next few months.

Contra Dance

Lynn Ackerson, Emily Addison, David Chandler, Martha Edwards, Lisa Greenleaf, Christopher Page, Louise Siddons, Mary Wesley


Lorraine Lee Hammond, Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Hannah Naiman, Sally Rogers, Natty Smith, Becky Wright, Isobel Abelson, Joanie Bronfman

New Camp Venue

Bev Bernbaum, Linda Lieberman, Nikki Herbst
, Mary Kay Schladweiler
, Nate Puffer
, Mike Clark, 
Steve Howe
, Mary Louise Chown
, Sue Stanton

Dance Musicians

Jenny Beer, David Smukler, Dave Casserly

Technology for Affiliate Groups

Scott Higgs, Linda Lieberman, David Means

Other Board Positions

Exec Meeting Location Coordinator — Jill Allen