CDSS Centennial - Community 100

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Hey Storytellers!
It's Story Time!
Save The Date!


Hey Storytellers!

We have so enjoyed reading your beautiful testimonials in response to the "CDSS What We Believe" story prompt. We welcome your essays throughout the Centennial year, so please keep 'em coming! 

Call for Local Heroes Submissions!

We're also announcing our next prompt: "CDSS Local Heroes." This is a chance to recognize and celebrate the people in your song, dance or music community who are important to you. Send us a paragraph or two about those unsung heroes who bring an extra sparkle to the dance floor or just make things work in your local scene. Include a photo and we'll post it in our "wall of heroes" on the CDSS Centennial Blog.

Our Centennial Goals

  • Raise the visibility of traditional dance, music and song
  • Reach and connect people in and outside our community who were not connected before
  • Affirm that our participatory arts can change lives



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Speaking of our Centennial Blog...

...check it out at This is where we are posting submissions to the CDSS Story Project as well as other news about the CDSS Centennial. Browse stories and photos and check the counter to find out exactly how many days, minutes and seconds until we kick off the beginning of our Centennial year in 2015!!
We want to see your words and pictures on our blog! Visit the submission pages for What We Believe and Local Heroes to send in your story today!
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~ Mary and Pat, The CDSS Story Project

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Spread the Joy!

Want to help us make all of this happen? You can support our Centennial fundraising campaign, Spread the Joy!, by making a gift today. Join us as we leap forward into the next 100 years!

It's Story Time!

Over the coming year, we will announce several ways to share your stories. Today, we want to tell you about the CDSS "What We Believe" essay. These stories will become the core and foundation of the CDSS Story Project. There are three steps to participate:

THINK: You love to dance. Come rain, sleet or snow you make it to your weekly shape note sing. You plan your year around the Playford Ball. You spend valuable time sweeping the floor, setting up the chairs, and closing the hall. Your life is incredibly busy; there are a million choices for how to spend your time, and you have chosen this. Why?

WRITE: In a short, written statement (about 500 words) tell us why song, music and/or dance are your chosen activities and why are they important to you. What personal value does participating in these activities hold for you? Tell us YOUR story about how you reached this belief.



Save the Date!

In 2015 the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) will celebrate 100 years of supporting traditional dance, music, and song with roots in English and North American culture. In honor of our Centennial, CDSS will be releasing new publications, organizing a coast-to-coast North American tour with stops in seven communities, and creating a website where the celebration will be visible and shared by all. This is our invitation to you to join the party throughout 2015.

CDSS has grown and thrived for a century because communities like yours keep our beloved traditions alive. By honoring our past, celebrating our present, and visualizing our future, together, we will broaden our reach as we kick off our next 100 years.