2015 - Our Centennial Year!

In 2015 the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) will celebrate 100 years of supporting traditional dance, music, and song with roots in English and North American culture.

We're imagining this Centennial year as an opportunity to honor community heroes and collect our joint histories, to celebrate the best of what you do — your song circles, fiddle sessions, dance parties, contra proms, family gatherings, and May Day mornings — and to visualize a future where more people than ever share the joy of our participatory arts.

To celebrate the occasion, we're launching a Centennial website in December 2014. Until then, keep up to date with our Centennial plans via our Centennial Countdown Blog.


How can you take part?

There are so many ways to celebrate the Centennial! Whatever ways you find to partake, please make sure you share them with us! We want to be able to show the celebration as it happens across the continent, starting NOW and throughout 2015.

Send us your snapshots, stories, videos and sounds whenever you’re doing something to celebrate 100 years of dance and song! Here’s how to share:

Social Media


Submit to the Centennial Blog

E-mail stories, media, ideas and any questions you might have to community100@cdss.org



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Get Inspired by 15 Things You Can Do to Celebrate the CDSS Centennial


Our Centennial Goals

  • Raise the visibility of traditional dance, music and song
  • Reach and connect people in and outside our community who were not connected before
  • Affirm that our participatory arts can change lives

15 Things You Can Do To Celebrate the CDSS Centennial

  • Get Press Contact your local paper or media outlet, tell them about your group or event and how you are part of 100 years of dance, music or song in North America. Share it with us!
  • Submit a story to the CDSS Story Project
  • Meditate on the importance of our traditions in your life and describe what you find through a “What We Believe” essay. Do the writing prompt as a group and hold a group reading in your community (and...share it with us! You get the idea…). Or write a "What We Believe" essay yourself!
  • Celebrate your Local Heroes by writing up and sending us a story that recognizes someone who keeps traditions alive or makes things happen in your community.
  • Write a history of your community, we’ll share it on our timeline. Send it to community100@cdss.org
  • Interview someone you’ve always wanted to talk to about how they got started dancing, singing or playing music. Send us an inspiring soundbite.
  • Cecil Sharp with friends at the Lenox Assembly
    Cecil Sharp (the flat, pale guy in the center) with friends at the Lenox (MA) Assembly
    Selfies with Cecil —  If Cecil Sharp, folk song and dance collector and co-founder of CDSS, shows up in your community, take a “selfie” with him and post it to our Facebook page!
  • Send someone to camp Nominate a young person from your community for a NGI (New Generation Initiative) scholarship so they can experience a CDSS camp for the first time. Or, commit to raise money for a matching scholarship to send any one person from your community to camp.
  • Send us your event to add to the map and calendar.
  • Spread the Joy — Make a contribution to the Spread the Joy campaign.
  • Start a mentorship program to ensure the next 100 years are great.
  • Invite someone new to a dance, music or song event.
  • Explain who CDSS is and what we do to someone who doesn’t yet know.
  • Stick a sticker CDSS has window clings for your car! Take a picture of it and send it in. Want window clings? Contact Us.
  • Travel to a new dance or song event, meet and thank the people who made it happen!


What can you do now?

Start thinking about how you want to celebrate. Share your ideas with us at community100@cdss.org. Stay tuned for more ideas for celebrating the CDSS Centennial and our traditional arts — with us and with the world.

Spread the Joy!

You can support our Centennial fundraising campaign, Spread the Joy!, by making a gift today. Join us as we leap forward into the next 100 years!