Centennial Tour: Our Goals

  • CDSS Centennial brand/credibility, to help increase local and regional visibility, generate enthusiasm, and draw more participants to your community offerings

  • Significant National and International exposure, through our website (www.cdss.org) and other Centennial media outlets, reaching our constituents and beyond, to boost local pride and foster community growth

  • A connection to the broader National and International dance/music/song community through the “hub” of CDSS

  • Master teachers and performers, leading workshops and master classes to help local participants, performers, leaders, and organizers increase skills and gain confidence, aiming to leave a long-lasting positive impact on your local dance/music/song community

  • CDSS will partner with you in creating the series of events that make up a Centennial Tour stop in your community

  • CDSS will provide the financial backing to make a Centennial tour stop happen in your community

  • CDSS will partner with you to pool regional resources, strengthening connections between communities that share similar goals

  • CDSS will partner with you to create access to Tour events throughout your region