CDSS Centennial Campaign — Spread the Joy!

Give For Today...

CDSS is committed to supporting people and communities who are passionate about these traditions. Attaining our $1M goal will provide the resources for CDSS to effectively support traditional dance, music, and song communities by:

  • broadening our outreach through increased scholarships, grants, and regional and national conferences across the U.S. & Canada
  • expanding and enriching our online resources and making them widely available
  • investing in and protecting our archives and library housed at the University of New Hampshire
  • building a solid financial foundation that will sustain the organization for generations to come

Pledge For the Future...

We have already raised over $200,000 towards our goal in preparation for the campaign. Now we’re inviting you to contribute.

Ways to Give

There are three ways to give:

  1. One-time gift - fill out the form below
  2. Multi-year gift with the option of scheduled payments - download, fill out and send back the PDF form
  3. Stocks and securities - find out more on the Ways to Give page


CDSS Donations

Centennial Membership Offer: We are offering a complimentary CDSS membership to non-members who make a gift of at least $100 to Spread the Joy.
By far the most effective way to support the Centennial is to make a generous unrestricted gift to the Spread the Joy campaign!
We recognize that some donors prefer to direct their gift more specifically.


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