Advice and How-to: Guides for all sorts of things

CDSS presents a collection of materials designed to help you organize things, start events, form groups, train new leaders, and get more young people involved. These guides were developed by Youth Projects Intern Ethan Hazzard-Watkins (Youth Projects Intern 2008-2009) with input from many, many people, and they will continue to be expanded Thanks to everyone who is contributing ideas.

The kits are organized by context (college campus, general community group, etc.); style (contra, English, square, folk song, etc.) and general info (doing sound, recruiting youth, hiring bands, etc.) Depending on what you are doing you can combine these topics as needed. You can continue to contribute your ideas by adding comments to any page. We hope you'll try out these ideas and let the world know what works, what doesn't, and what else we all need to know. We are always available to talk. Contact Linda Henry at the CDSS office, 413-203-5467 x105.


These materials discuss the issues organizers face in particular settings.

Style of Music or Dance

What you need to know to get into a particular style of music or dance; what you can do to promote specific styles to new people and to young people; how to start a specific type of event or group where you live.