Additional Resources

This page lists resources available online of general interest to anyone who enjoys English Country Dance. For caller-specific resources, look here. Musicians head over here.


Useful Links

  • List of dances on recordings in the CDSS catalog
  • English Folk Dance and Song Society: the British equivalent of CDSS. EFDSS provides a great deal of information on their web site about English folk dance and song.
  • Colin Hume's web site: Colin Hume offers a tremendous range of useful material on his web site, including a Callers' Workshop, a comparison of the English and American dance scenes (see "Advice to Americans"), history of English folk dance, information on composing dances and tunes, and an archive of all the dances Colin has ever written.

Resources Online

  • Scott Higgs and Jenny Beer's Index of 550 English Country Dances, with set formation, meter, and key
  • Hugh Stewart's Database of English Country dance repertoire, searchable by dance title, author, publication and recording. Need to find a recording of the music for a given dance? Need to find dances by a certain author? This is the place to look.

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