CDSS 2012 Annual Report


Thank you, members, donors, and volunteers! You've had a tremendous impact on thousands of lives this year!

We believe that participatory arts change lives. With your help, we have been spreading joy and building community through traditional dance, music, and song for nearly 100 years.

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Click here for the full list of 2012 outreach grants!

"Here in Taos, NM, we lost our only two callers to retirement and cancer. Over the last year, our CDSS grant helped us offer workshops and mentoring with master caller Wendy Graham to support the talents right in our own town. We now have six new callers who cooperate to lead fun evenings at our Taos Community Dance. These monthly dances are now self-sufficient, led by local callers and musicians."

- Rebecca Hall, dance organizer and caller



Group Services

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The CDSS business model, like that of many nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations, is based on a mix of earned and contributed revenue. The model we are developing ensures that CDSS is resilient and sustainable providing adequate resources to fulfill our mission and strategic plans.

  • Our core operations are sustained by earned revenue from store sales, group insurance and program fees from camp.
  • Core operations are also funded by contributed revenue from donations, memberships, endowed funds and special funds set up to fund scholarships, grants and publications.
  • Funding for organizational growth, including new and expanded program development, comes primarily from individual donations.
  • To further our sustainability, we are working towards an operating cash reserve equal to three months’ operations. This is separate from our existing reserves, which are Board Restricted investments for the organization.

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We’re delighted to partner with you in spreading the joy of traditional dance, music and song across North America and beyond. You played a crucial role in helping us finish strong in 2012 with a small surplus. A stronger financial position for CDSS means we are better positioned to serve you and build community through dance, music, and song.  Together, we affirm that participatory arts do change lives.

For full financial information, see our profile on the Attorney General's website by going to and searching for 'Country Dance & Song Society.'