Campers' Week at Pinewoods

August 16 - 23, 2014

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Program Description

Campers’ Week is pure magic. Young, old, and everyone in between attend as couples, singles and families. People who fell in love with dance and music just recently, others who have been doing this since the cradle. Together we make the woods ring with song, dance, music, stories and laughter from sun up ‘til the wee hours. Most of all, Campers’ Week is about YOU! Anyone can teach a class or workshop at Campers’ Week, or lead a song, play a tune, call a dance, tell a joke or story, host a party, share a skill . . . We start out with a basic schedule of classes offered by the talented staff, and then together we add to it, embellish it, improvise and surprise each other. Past camper-led sessions have included crafts, storytelling, instrumental workshops, jam sessions, sing-arounds, joke sessions, games, yoga, theater, collaborative construction projects, bird watching, swing, tango, morris, sword and every kind of dance you can imagine. No one knows exactly what to expect this year, because each Campers’ Week is unique.

The basic schedule includes one period each morning and afternoon when younger campers join with others their age for classes in music and dance, while the rest of us choose from dance, music, song, crafts and whatever else people dream up. Teens are welcome to join in adult activities, but also have a daily class of their own. Twice a day, the whole community gathers together to enjoy performances, dancing, singing, stories and silliness led by the campers and staff. After the evening gathering, there is an evening dance, where those not past their bedtimes can enjoy a lively combination of American and English social dances. After-dance activities include skit night, an auction, a “pub sing”, jamming, dancing and … [YOU fill in the blank!]

Campers’ Week offers a special opportunity to camper musicians, who form the bands for the evening dances and who have many chances to play for the varied daytime classes. Musicians at every level are welcome to join the Community Band and if you don’t play yet, maybe you’ll learn the basics from one of the many talented people who are happy to share their skills.

Love to sing? Join the Harmony Singing class or an informal song swap on the porch. Why not try a new dance form or craft. And of course, there are always games, swimming, boating, relaxing, and just chatting with new and old friends. Come be part of the joy that is Campers’ Week!

-- Margaret Bary, Program Director

Class Descriptions

The Basic Program – to be added to by campers!!! The final age breakdown of the class ages will be determined by registration.

Wee Ones (ages 0-3): Each morning, Hannah Naiman will lead the youngest campers in a session of rhythm, song, and movement. Each Wee One should bring a mom, dad, or other caregiver with them to class.

Smalls (ages 4-6): Robin Davis and the Smalls will begin the day with musical picture books and fingerplays that tell a story. Next will be art projects, making instruments and other fun stuff for the parade. We might learn a few tricks to impress our friends, and of course, we will sing lots of songs. In the afternoon, Kathy Reid Naiman will lead the Smalls in more singing and dancing, playing with rhythm instruments, learning some American Sign Language to use in our songs and having the best time ever!

Middles (ages 7-9): With Andy Davis in the morning, the Middles will learn an English long sword dance, with a "calling-on" song to be presented as part of the camp mummers' play. Storytelling, songs, and social dancing will fill out the class. Children should bring any kind of tie shoes that are comfortable for dancing. In the afternoon, Emily Troll will move and groove with the Middles, as they sing, dance and make music.

Talls (ages 10-12): In the morning, Jan Elliott will teach Border Morris, a boisterous and energetic dance tradition from the English/Welsh border with simple steps and complex stick-striking patterns. Get ready to move and shout in ways that may seem chaotic but demand control and dedication. Classes will also include a variety of songs, games, and lively dances from around the world. In the afternoon, Andy Davis and the Talls will spin a traditional folk tale into a dramatic production that will include song, dance, and acting. The class will also practice some English and American dances that will be part of the evening programs. Children are encouraged to bring musical instruments that they can play.

Teens (ages 13-17): Have you ever danced a gypsy star or a ricochet hey? Written or called a contra dance? Considered how contra dancing is social? The Teens will dance to live music and explore all of these with Will Mentor. Are you new to dancing? Don't worry. Remember - this is not school. Just a week of awesome dancing with really friendly and supportive kids.

Adults and teens can start their day English Country Dancing with Robin Hayden. While dancing some of the loveliest and liveliest dances in the classic and contemporary repertoire, the class will look at techniques for understanding and improving the way we move and thus the way we express ourselves within this idiom -- individually, as partners, and as a set. The program, while accessible to newer dancers, will offer distinct and satisfying challenges to all. In the afternoon, adults and teens will be treated to a rousing session of Contras and Squares led by Will Mentor, who will also be leading a Callers Workshop along with Robin. Rapper, is a driving sword dance from northern England that encourages snappy teamwork, endless innovation, and crowd-pleasing energy. Sarah Henry’s class - appropriate for all levels, ages 13 and up – will mix up traditional figures with newly invented ones, while investigating how attention to small details can make flashy moves flashier. Bring hard-soled shoes and a readiness to sweat and laugh!

All ages are welcome to Harmony Singing with Arthur Davis. He will teach a fun and lively mix of songs from a number of traditions including jubilee quartet, shape note, American and British Isles harmony pieces. Or join the Community Band conducted by Emily Troll, where musicians at every level will work on ensemble playing, learning new tunes, and improvising. Feel like singing during morning swim time? Singing on the Porch will be led by a series of camper and staff crooners. Eager to play for dancing? Robin Kynoch will coordinate daytime musicians, matching up willing players with classes or workshops that need them; and Kathy Talvite will make sure that our evening dance bands run smoothly. And of course everyone at camp is encouraged to share something with the rest of us at our daily gatherings. Jeff Bary will organize talent for Morning Gathering; Evening Gathering will be programmed and hosted by Andy.


Each evening at Campers' Week ends with an all-camp gathering, an evening dance, and post-dance activities. As dusk settles over the Camphouse gathering, a Pied Piper leads families with children age 8 and younger to their cabins, where the parents put their children to bed. 9-12 year old children can enjoy participating in the first half of the evening dance before their bedtime comes. While adults and teens are at the evening dance, roving monitors listen for wakeful children. If a child is uncomfortable, the monitor will alert the parents at the dance. Families are expected to prepare their children for these scheduled bedtimes.

Printable Information for Accepted Campers

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The Program: one page Program Description

Getting Ready: Details for being at camp.

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Tentative Schedule

7:45-8:15 Hot Breakfast served cafeteria style
8:15-8:45 Cold Breakfast Coffee/Tea available
10:00-10:15 Refreshments
10:15-11:00 All Camp Gathering with Jeff Bary
11:10-12:00 Swimming, Bookstore staffed
12:15 Lunch
3:30-4:20 Swimming, Bookstore staffed
4:00-4:20 Tea
5:30 Play Party Games
6:00 Dinner
7:30-8:25 Evening Gathering with Andy Davis
8:00 Pied Piper/Bedtime for children 8 & younger
8:30-11:00 Evening Dance Party
9:20 Bedtime for 9-12 year olds
11:00 After-dance Activities