2011 Harmony of Song & Dance at Pinewoods

Tentative Schedule

7:45-8:15 Hot Breakfast served cafeteria style
8:15-8:45 Cold Breakfast Coffee/Tea available
8:45-9:00 Vocal Warm-ups
11:30-12:25 Swimming, Bookstore staffed
12:30 Lunch
5:30-6:25 Swimming, Bookstore staffed
6:30 Dinner
8:00 Staff Concert
9:15 Evening Dance Party
11:00 Late Night Activities

July 23 - 30, 2011

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Program Description

We are pleased to announce a new week at Pinewoods Camp next summer. Harmony of Song & Dance is a week for singers who love to dance and dancers who love to sing. The program includes traditional and contemporary songs, harmony singing by ear, choral singing from written music, instrumental music, as well as dance: American contra and square, English country and display.

Each day starts with an all-camp chorale followed by a period of American and English dance classes including a class for beginners. The afternoon is a mixture of instrumental classes including song accompaniment, as well as more dancing and singing.  The week also includes concerts, evening dancing for all and opportunities for informal music making.

The theme of the week is community music making, based on the foundation of the riches of traditional song and dance, and the understanding that new songs and dances grow out of the old.  The staff have deep roots in the traditions they are teaching, including Anglo-American social dance; English ritual dance; American clogging; African-American work songs, civil rights songs and spirituals; farming and seasonal songs; English, Canadian and Appalachian ballads; pub songs; sea shanties; gospel; and American shape note hymnody both old and new. 

Bring your instruments to accompany song and dance as well as for informal jamming; bring your voices; and be ready to dance!

Join us for this week of singing, dancing and music-making!

-- Peter and Mary Alice Amidon, Program Co-directors

Lots of singing and playing.