Campers' Week at Pinewoods

Daily Schedule

7:45-8:15 Hot Breakfast served cafeteria style
8:15-8:45 Cold Breakfast Coffee/Tea available
10:00-10:15 Refreshments
10:15-11:00 All Camp Gathering with M.C. Ross Harriss
11:00-12:00 Swimming, Bookstore staffed
12:15 Lunch
3:20-3:35 Camp Store Open
3:30-4:20 Swimming, Bookstore staffed
  Community Sing: Julia Slone Roberts
4:00-4:20 Tea
4:30-5:20 Rapper: Jan Burdick
  Community Dance: John Krumm
6:00 Dinner
7:30-8:25 Evening Gathering with M.C. David Smukler
8:00 Pied Piper/Bedtime for children 8 & younger
8:30-11:00 Evening Dance Party
9:20 Bedtime for 9-12 year olds
11:00 After-dance Activities

August 21 - 28, 2010

Look at Family Programs for general information; here are details about this particular program and staff.

There is a nice article in Making Music about our Family Camps.

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For Students Already Registered

Program Description

Come to Pinewoods this summer and experience the magic of Campers' Week! This is a very special week that combines the talents and imagination of campers of all ages with those of a truly amazing staff. In addition to an exciting program led by our professional staff, there will be opportunities all week for campers to join the band, lead a song, tell a story or offer a class of their own.

Each day will be filled from morning until night with an amazing variety of activities. Twice each day we will come together as a community for Morning and Evening Gatherings to share songs, stories and dances. This is a wonderful chance for everyone, young and old, to strut their stuff.

Kids from 3-12 will participate in staff-led classes with Sarah Henry, Brad Sayler, Laurel Sharp, Kari Smith and David Smukler. Julia Sloan Roberts will lead the teen class this year. Teens are also encouraged, and always welcome, to join any of the adult classes.

The dancing is always fantastic at Campers' Week. This year we’re so excited to have Sue Rosen and Brad Sayler on staff. They will each teach a daytime class and then share the evening dance program. In the afternoon there will also be a Community Dance led by John Krumm, Rapper with Jan Burdick and Morris with Kari Smith.

There will be lots of opportunities during the week for campers and staff to sing and play music together. You won’t want to miss the Community Sing with Julia Sloan Roberts. The last time Julia was at Campers’ Week her joyous class could be heard singing throughout the entire camp. Of course, don't forget to bring your instruments. You’ll have chances to play for daytime classes, find a quiet place to jam and join the open band to play for evening dances.

Leave time in your day for swimming, boating, crafts and just hanging out. You might want to leave time for a nap since the evening will also be packed with fun events that you won't want to miss. Kids 8 and under will be led off to bed from Evening Gathering by the Pied Piper. After a few more stories and songs, the rest of us will head off to the evening dance party. For some, it’s still early and there are after dance events, both planned and spontaneous to tempt you to stay up just a little longer.

So, come to Campers’ Week. It won’t be the same without you. Together we will create a community that honors past traditions and creates new ones. I hope to see you this summer!

-- Kathy Talvitie, Program Director

Class Descriptions

Littles (ages 3) Laurel will share songs, stories, games and creative art projects with the little ones.

Smalls (ages 4-6) 4-6s will have lots of fun dancing and singing with David in the morning. Thwe will dance, sing, share stories, explore, make craft projects with Jody in the afternoon.

Middles (ages 7-9) In the morning, the 7-9s will learn an amazing longsword dance with Sarah. In the afternoon, they will have great fun singing and dancing with David.

Talls (ages 10-12) Brad will get you moving first thing in the morning. You’ll have a great time learning the inner secrets of contras, squares and English country dancing. In Jan’s class you will create a dazzling Border Morris dance spectacle! Throughout the week you'll explore theater games, costume design, and dance history, while learning and creating dances.

Teen Class Come find out what surprises Julia  and Hannah have in store for the teens!

Adults (ages 13 and up) Most of the week’s activities will be determined by you, the campers, but here are a few highlights from the staff. Sue will get your day rolling with a great selection of dances intermixed with “Sue’s tips” on little things that can make a big difference in our experience of dancing together. Brad returns to Campers’ Week to explore the variety of music, movement, figures and formations that make English Country dancing such an exciting dance form. He’ll cover the basics, challenge you at times and will throw in a few tips on style for good measure. You definitely won’t want to miss Rapper with Jan and Morris with Kari. Kari says, “come to strive, sweat, bound, and – oh yeah – dance. Add your voice to the incredible Community Sing that will be led by Julia.

Community Gatherings and other Happenings
Morning and Evening Gatherings are highlights of each day at Campers’ Week. Ross will be your host in the morning and David in the evening. There will be plenty of chances for you to participate and share your favorite songs, stories, tunes and dances. You can look forward to an inspiring Community Band class and a rousing Community Dance with John leading both. Each evening there will be great dancing after the Gathering. Sue and Brad will share their favorite dances and John will lead the open band. There’s a spot for you in the band, calling a dance or out there on the dance floor!