American Dance & Music Week at Pinewoods

Daily Schedule

7:45-8:15 Hot Breakfast served cafeteria style
8:15-8:45 Cold Breakfast/Coffee/Tea available
11:15-12:15 Swimming, Bookstore staffed, spaces available
12:15 Lunch
4:00-4:45 Tea, Swimming and Bookstore staffed
5:40-6:20 Bookstore staffed
6:30 Dinner
8:00 Couple Dances
8:15-11:00 Evening Dance Party
11:00 After-dance Activities

August 28 - September 4, 2010

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Program Description

American Dance & Music Week is a great way to have fun with old and new friends in one of the most beautiful of camp settings. The week is geared towards dancers and players alike, with an accomplished and engaging staff leading the way. Our featured dance classes range from contras and squares to waltzing and clogging, set to the music of fabulous northern and old time bands. Musicians can hone their craft with skillful teachers while enjoying various opportunities to learn new repertoire, or they can enjoy playing informally in various jam sessions. Top this off with singing, laughing and socializing, and you have yourself a satisfying camp experience.

The end of summer weather is perfect for dancing. To start your day off on the right foot, Program Director Lisa Greenleaf leads an invigorating contra style class. Follow that up with the welcoming Gaye Fifer, who enlightens all with flowing and accessible patterns of the waltz. Kathy Anderson brings wonderful squares you can only find at a rich week like this, and Annie Fain Liden instructs you in the rhythmic fun of Appalachian clogging. As always, the evening dances showcase the talents of all the staff, providing a magical experience in C#, our heavenly open-sided wooden-floored pavilion.

Dancers will be excited by the energy of the stellar musical staff. Tidal Wave, or Raz-de-Marée as they are known in Québec, brings the lively traditional music of French Canada. Band members Sabin Jacques, Eric Favreau, Rachel Aucoin and Stuart Kenney are all accomplished music teachers as well as fun-to-be-around members of camp. Representing the sounds of New England are Ethan Hazard-Watkins, Anna Patton, Owen Marshall and Stefan Amidon, who play together in a youthful style that reaches from the roots of contra music to contemporary compositions. New to Pinewoods this year is Old Sledge, an old time band from West Virginia, featuring champion fiddle player Chance McCoy along with multi-instrumentalists Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Sabra Guzman.

For musicians, there is plenty of opportunity to partake and learn in individual instrument classes as well as in the ensemble class, in which campers form small bands for focused learning. All musicians can appreciate the clear style of Anna Patton as she patiently reveals the mysteries of music theory. At the end of the day, musicians of all levels are invited to hang out at Owen Marshall’s easy open jam, which covers any and all musical styles. By popular demand we have two singing classes: Sacred Harp with Stefan Amidon and old time harmony singing with Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Sabra Guzman.

Making new friends who come from all over the country makes camp even more fun, for not only does the week feature great dancing and music, but there is also an emphasis on community and connection. At meal times as well as at informal social gatherings and jams, folks have many opportunities to chat in a relaxed setting. Tying all of this together is Rendezvous, our all-camp gathering featuring staff concerts, stories, jokes and laughs. American Week is a chance for individual talents to shine and be celebrated, and for all of us to come together for a rewarding experience -- please join us!

-- Lisa Greenleaf, Program Director

Kathy Anderson will lead her Square Dance Callers Course during this week (pre-registration required).